GS-Base 13 64-bit beta has been released

This version includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • This is the first 64-bit release of GS-Base. Upgrading to 64-bit will now enable you to use the entire available memory. (Vs. 4GB max. for the previous 32-bit edition.)

  • For text files more character encoding options were added to improve data conversion between various system language versions.

  • Drop-down lists can optionally automatically import (unique) data directly from database fields (in “real time”).

  • If a given field has some drop-down list attached, the corresponding column header is displayed with a marker (the same way as in GS-Calc).

  • If a user specifies an incorrect option for the character encoding when opening/importing a text (or xBase) file, GS-Base didn’t display any warning if some invalid UTF-8 (non-ascii) sequences were found. This could lead to not finding fields with such sequences when filtering records or using the Find & Replace functions, displaying some PCRE library errors or - in some rare cases - to crashes when using the Find & Replace function. Currently GS-Base displays a respective warning and shows where the invalid code is (in the imported text file data).

  • Fixed bug concerning (left) field trailing spaces in loaded xBase files.

  • Fixed possible bug concerning some character encoding variants for memo xBase fields.

  • For extremely large files, GS-Base 12.x may “react” very slowly when editing fields. The ver. 13 should be several times faster.

  • In GS-Base 12.x the Find & Replace function could be very slow on some computers for large data sets (e.g. +0.5mln records). In GS-Base 13 this should be tens of times faster.