GS-Base 13.3 has been released

Bug fixes:

  • xBase (dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro) files larger than 2GB couldn’t be opened correctly.
  • xBase memo fields were always saved/read as UTF-8, even if the encoding of the main table was OEM/ANSI. At the moment there are two separate encoding options for the main *.dbf table and for the xBase memo data in the “Save…” and “Open xBase Files” dialog boxes.
  • Clipper files with memo files saved as the *.fpt variant could not be opened. At the moment GS-Base reads and preserves the existing memo format for Clipper files, still using the *.dbt variant for new Clipper files.
  • The “vlookup_ex” function (used in calculated fields) was very slow (in practice: unusable) for a very large number of records. In GS-Base 13.3, fast binary searches are already performed for all the previously listed “type” parameters: 0 (the default one), 1 and -1. To use strings with wildcard characters, you need to specify “type=2”. For the “type=4” value, the RegEx option has been added. Adding “8” to “4” performs case sensitive RegEx comparisons and adding “16” - enables empty RegEx matches.
    Note: for “type=4” and “type=2”, the sequential linear searching is performed which makes those “type” values unsuitable for huge numbers of records (e.g. 1 mln records x several thousand lookup’s).
  • There are no longer (performance) limits concerning “concurrent” lookups when updating calculated fields.
  • Some minor, cosmetic fixes concerning GUI/displaying, message boxes etc.