GS-Base 11.2 has been released

New features, changes and bug fixes:

  • The “Find & Replace” toolbar now features the “Find All” button/command that performs full-text filtering. The “Find Previous” and “Find Next” as previously are used to scroll to the previous/next occurrence without filtering.

  • The “Search” dialog box has now an additional button/command “=” (Alt+=) which initiates searching with the content of the currently selected field.

  • The “Letter” printing mode enables you to use formulas, not only field references. With cross-table summing and counting formulas you can now easily generate various statistical reports in that mode. The “Insert Data Field” dialog boxes were improved.

  • The “Show All” button has been added to the main toolbar. It corresponds to the “Tools > Show All Records” command and causes removing all search criteria and displaying all records.

  • You can now freely convert fields between the “Text”/“Numeric” and “Long Text” types. Previously this caused resetting the contents of the converted fields.

  • Fixed issue concerning slow saving of very large DBF files with memo fields. Saving might be now tens of times (or more) faster for large DBFs.

  • When saving a new DBF file “Memo” field type can be now generated from “Text” and “Numeric” fields. Previously the explicit use of the “Long Text” field was required.

  • Records in DBF files marked as “deleted” are imported and displayed as records with the default “selected” flag set. Similarly, that flag causes saving a given record in a DBF file as “deleted”.

  • Fixed bug concerning missing information about exceeding the max number of tables and “Long Text” and “Images/Files” fields in the GS-Base *.zip databases. Each such item corresponds to one stream in a 32bit zip file and their total number can not exceed 65,535. To process a larger number of memo fields, GS-Base can still use DBF files.

  • The “2-mins” and “3-mins” values on the “AutoSave” and “AutoClose” lists in the “Options” dialog box were switched. Additionally, those combo boxes are now replaced by edit fields.

  • Fixed bug concerning embedding “Long Text” fields when using the “Letter” printing mode. (The fields weren’t printed correctly.)

  • The formatting commands were added to the table/form context menu.

  • A few other minor bug fixes and data security improvements.

    14 October - GS-Base 11.2.2 Update

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • If you (1) have two (or more) tables with at least one “images/files” field each and (2) if in the 2nd table you delete all objects from one field of one record and (3) if you (not performing any other actions) immediately click another table in the “database explorer” window and if the “binary” pane is visible for that table, then the corresponding binary field from one record of that table will be emptied as well.

  • If you use a table name with non-ascii characters, GS-Base will be reporting it as a new table (“new table(s) found in the zip archive”) each time you open such a file until you remove those characters.

  • Under certain circumstances moving fields/columns may result in refreshing the current record set and displaying all records even though there are some active filtering expressions.