Good work

I think you have a great product.

I have a massive amount of data.

Every other product either 1) gets slow or even worse the file system gets delicate and unstable at some point when the amount of data gets too large or 2) is unnecessarily complex and involved.

I particularly like the way you store the data. It is as open source as it can get, and it seems as incorruptible as it can get. Very solid.

A few suggestions:

  1. More file types display in the file / image window particularly PDF
  2. Ability to adjust background colors

Keep up the good work.

Thank you!
Ad. 1 - do you mean sort of viewing/displaying PDFs within the entire memo window? (Writing a good PDF viewer, even rendering only text, would be far from trivial…)

Btw, in the “row” thread you asked about functions accepting arrays as parameters.
There will be some minor maintenance update (most likely) tomorrow - it already offers an additional “array” formula (to create arrays using record field values).

You’re welcome.

Thanks for the row thing.

Yes,Yeah, i realize writing a PDF viewer would be very substantial work.
I was thinking PDF could display much like PNG now does.
I guess I was thinking you might be able to incorporate existing code?

Something will certainly be done to display more files (types) not only as icons but it’s too early to tell anything re: PDFs. Perhaps in several weeks.