Filter function

I like this program and have used it extensively. It would be helpful to have a simple filter program vs requiring use of a cumbersome pivot table when the user is simply trying to filter some data.

The help file for the pivot table is not clear as to how to use the [field,filter] function, as no example of this was given in the file.

Pivot formula examples:

=pivotData(C3:H19, {1},,, {PIVOT::Sum}, PIVOT::ColumnGrandTotals)

=pivotData(sheet1!C3:H19, {1}, {2}, {3, 4}, {PIVOT::Sum, PIVOT::Count}, PIVOT::RowGrandTotals + PIVOT::ColumnGrandTotals + PIVOT::SubTotals)

=pivotData(sheet1!B3:F8, {5, 1}, {3},, {PIVOT::Sum}, PIVOT::RowGrandTotals + PIVOT::ColumnGrandTotals + PIVOT::SubTotals, 2, "Jones", 4, ">2010-01-01")

I have a basic sheet with 1.1 million rows of data in four columns, so I can’t use Libre Office to filter it (will likely cut it in half and then rejoin it). I need to filter it down so that only values >0 in columns C and D are retained.

You’re right: using pivot tables for filtering purposes isn’t the best option. Separate, much more versatile filtering will be added in the near future (perhaps before the end of May).
Btw, for strictly tabular data types GS-Base might be more effective (and it offers built-in calculation functions too).


Any progress on this feature? Coming from being an Excel user, really miss this functionality. Thanks

Obviously there is a significant delay but it’s still on the to-do list and should be available rather sooner than later.
BTW, recent GS-Calc updates add some new/additional filtering options to pivot tables.

Checking in on this feature. Any updates or ETA? Filtering in a spreadsheet is a fundamental feature that prevents me from using this app much.


Actually something like that has been added to the sample DLL function library that’s been included with setup for quite some time now.

It’s just an example how it can look like and it’s quite simplified. Nevertheless making it more versatile should be trivial (though it requires at some basic C knowledge).
Could you take a look at the last code section on

Out of curiosity, to filter are you using things like RegEx, fuzzy filtering, filtering based on cell attributes or just plain numeric/string relations =,<>?

Normally I use filters in Excel like it outlines in the following article.

The autofilter comes in handy when working with large datasets so you can view only what you care about at any given time in a simple manner. The dropdown at the top of the columns are ideal to narrow down and view whatever you are trying to work with.

Something similar would be ideal in GS-Calc.

Thanks. Like I suggested, extending the sample “filter()” function to mimic the MS 365 “filter()” function will be trivial for any C/C++ programmer. However, I understand it’s also about the built-in GUI elements to make using various filter types convenient and simple (yet versatile). I think something should be done in the upcoming update(s).

Looking forward to it. Thanks much.