Excellent Software!!!

I was lucky enough to stumble across the GS class of software (Base and Calc) while looking for a software to handle large amounts of tabular data; data in excess of the 1 million row limit in Excel. I quickly tested GS-Base and found it to be very fitting for my needs. There was one limitation that prevented me from moving forward with my implementation in which I reached out to support for. Support was/is top notch! They replied timely, discussed the options and in less than a week had a feature implemented to meet my needs in the software. Since that first interaction their support has continually worked with me to ensure the product(s) are meeting the requirements I have; even to the extent of adding additional features. The software is simple, FAST and lightweight. I have imported 4GB+ CSV files without issue in a matter of minutes all while maintaining a file footprint a fraction of the size of Excel (without the Excel limitations!). I highly recommend both GS-Base and GS-Calc as well as the entire Citadel team; they are top notch!