Drop down lists

I’m using GSCalc v9.2
When I allocate DDlists to various columns of cells, they work fine until I save and exist. Reopening doesnot restore the sheet with the DDLists in place, so I have to reallocate them again. I assume this is a bug.

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Thanks for reporting this. It’s a bug - unlike all other formatting attributes/elements, drop-down lists can be applied only on the “per cell” basis. Otherwise they won’t be saved in the *.ods file. In other words, even after selecting the entire column, GS-Calc should drill down through all its cells.

The update should be published in several days (at the moment there is nothing else to fix).

For the time being, please simply select cells/ranges to set drop-down lists. For example, if you really need that large selection, enter b1:b12582911 (max. number of rows - 1) in the “go to” combo box.