Averages in the data area in pivot table?

I’m wanting to use GS-Base to make a yield map from combine yield monitor data. Yield monitors calculate yield at a given point in a field and record it with the latitude and longitude at that point. I used to spend hours combining the data so that I could use Excel 2003 to form a pivot table with the data. Now I’m trying to use GS-Base to do the same thing. What I want to do is generate a pivot table where the latitude is in rows and the longitude is in fields with the yield amounts in the data field. The yield monitor registers the data in both pounds and average yield. For a given longitude and latitude to the fourth decimal place there may be several average yields to combine. What I need for each data cell is an average of the average yield, not a sum, minimum, or maximum, although useful. I could sum the pounds but I’d need to divide each of the data cells in the table somehow? Any ideas?

You can obtain both the “sum” and “count” values, but there is no simple solution to obtain the “sum/count” value (I assume you mean the arithmetic mean?). You would need to save a given table as text and use e.g. GS-Calc (but then this all could be done in GS-Calc as well).
I think new data functions should appear in the next update. Hopefully before the end of the year.

Yes, I meant mean. Actually,median might be better as yield monitors will sometimes throw out too high yields. Generally they’re filtered out by most yield mapping software. I can work around this but I just thought there might be a solution I wasn’t aware of yet. Using GS-Base has been the fastest I’ve ever created a basic yield map in a pivot table. Thanks for your informational response.