GS-Calc 9.1 has been released

GS-Calc 9.1 is available for downloading.

New features and changes:

[+] The style management tools/options have been significantly extended. You can now edit both custom/user-defined styles and the current palette styles; this enables you to change the entire workbook appearance with a few clicks. All properties of the default workbook style can be modified as well.

[+] The Match() and vLookUp() functions can now be used with a new “SEARCH::AutoSort” flag. This flag is used along with the “SEARCH::NoPattern” flag and with either the “SEARCH::SortAscending” or the “SEARCH::SortDescending” flag. “AutoSort” used in Match() and vLookUp() for searching unsorted data causes automatic, internal (transparent to the user) sorting of ranges used in those two functions in a given workbook. Thanks to this the much faster binary search algoritm can be used instead of the linear one.
For worksheets/workbooks processing data that is not sorted by default this functionality may mean tens, hundreds (or more) of times faster updates for both the 1st and subsequent updates/recalculations.