GS-Calc 8.2.0 Update

Fixed bugs and other changes:


[+] The “Advanced PDF Save Options” dialog may not display the initial default encoding data (however, the data - if defined - will be used by GS-Calc correctly).


[+] The “Landscape” option is ignored when saving PDF files.


[+] When selecting entire columns or rows as formula parameters Ctrl must not be pressed. (Should be the opposite.)

[+] If the 2nd or 3rd parameter in the “IF” function is an array/range and if their sizes differ, GS-Calc crashes instead of displaying the “invalid argument value” error code.

[+] The F2 key is not active in the tree view.

[+] Some minor modifications regarding how GS-Calc acts after right-clicking cells and charts.

[+] Automatic text wrapping in the “Cell Comments” dialog.


[+] Some files saved as PDF by the trial version may cause reporting some problems by Adobe PDF viewers (though the pages are displayed correctly).

[+] When copying and pasting formulas, updated cell references are always increased, even if the copy operation should result in decreasing the row/column reference.