GS-Calc 18.7 has been released.

New features in this version:

  • In-cells charts as cell formats. With one click you can create any number of mini-charts displayed in cells.
    All parameters and display options are set up automatically. The number of in-cell charts is practically unlimited and doesn’t affect the workbook performance. The max. size of a data series is the same as the max. number of worksheet rows: 12 millions. To change the color, set the font color for a given cell.
    By default, you apply this in-cell format to a cell(s) at the end of a data series placed in a row. However, the chart(s) can be also displayed at the beginning of a series in a row or above or below a series in a column - a plain cell text alignment determines this:
  • The Format > In-Cells Chart menu:

  • Sample in-cell charts:

March 22, 2023 - 18.7.1 Update

  • A bug fix: when saving PDF’s in-cell line charts were saved as bar charts.