GS-Calc 17.8 has been released

Changes in this version (ver. 17.8, March 3, 2022):

  • The “dark mode”. It can be turned on to save energy consumption in notebooks, to reduce the harmful blue light, to help with eye strain and falling asleep faster.
  • The previous 8pt font size used in the table toolbar and in the bottom Inspect/Bookmarks/Searches etc. panes has been increased and is now easier to read.
  • More options to control scrolling with the Enter key. The Enter key can be configured both globally in the “Settings” and locally in in the “AutoScroll” ranges to work like in Excel.
  • The Alt+Enter shortcut displays a menu that simplifies switching between various scrolling configurations and recently used AutoScroll regions.
  • Faster scrolling.
  • When re-editing numeric values entered as text (e.g. with the leading ’ or with Shift+Enter) adding ’ again each time is no longer necessary (it’s inserted automatically).
  • Additional optional “ok” and “cancel” button displayed when editing a cell; this make it faster to accept or cancel editing using a mouse.
  • Fixed repainting issues when making selections with the cross-highlighting on.
  • New/modified pages in the Help file and the HTML Help available online.

March 5, 2022 - 17.8.1 Update

  • A bug concerning selecting cells with a mouse with the “Cell Format” dialog box displayed has been fixed.

March 6, 2022 - 17.8.2 Update

  • A bug fix: in the toolbar “go to” field it was possible to enter manually a row number beyond the max. row (which resulted in instant crashing).