GS-Calc 15.1 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Syntax coloring/highlighting for JScript and VBScript scripts in the “Scripts” window.

  • Optional syntax coloring when editing cells (e.g. cell references, strings and error highlighting).

  • Spell checking is now available as a separate menu command (as opposed to the previous “always on” state in every cell) with the standard dialog box layout, language and spelling options.

  • Many changes/improvements concerning cell editing actions to make it work more like in Excel (for example: separate “enter” and “edit” modes, same cursor “behavior”, tips displayed after clicking or scrolling to a given function in the edited cell etc.).

September 14 - 15.1.1 Update

  • The “Drop-Down Lists” dialog box has a new option: “Multiple Selection”. In the “Single Selection” mode lists work as previously. In the “Multiple Selection” mode you can use the Ctrl and Shift keys (plus clicking) to select multiple list items / range of list items and the selection is accepted by pressing Enter or double-clicking.
  • Fixed problems with resizing of the “Drop-down Lists” dialog box.
  • Fixed problems with the workDay() and networkDays() formulas: if the optional user-defined “off-dates” list were specified, GS-Calc ignored their “year” values using the current year instead.