GS-Calc 14.4 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Significantly increased speed for many formatting actions and the “auto-fit column width” actions. (From several up to tens of times for very large files.)
  • A new (global) option to automatically fit column to their contents in opened text and xBase files. Selecting this option might slow down opening very large text and xBase files - for best performance allow GS-Calc to use more/all of the available processor cores in the “Options > Updating” dialog box (as calculating column widths can now make use of all processor cores as well). The Auto-fitting can be performed within the min. and max. limits specified optionally by the user. (Please see the “Settings” help topic for more details.)

  • A new (global) option to automatically close the “Chart” dialog box when you switch to another worksheet. (Leaving this option unchecked will be useful if the chart data is to be selected in different worksheet(s).)
  • In the “Open Text File” dialog box the “Quoting symbol” and the “Escaping symbol” are now optional which should help you
    to open text files that don’t conform to this standard cell quoting rules.

  • Modified/improved mouse wheel handling. Fixed problems with the “hyper-fast” scrolling functionality offered by some mice. Additionally, in the “Options” dialog box you can specify whether the smallest wheel rotation should result in line scrolling or page scrolling.
  • The help file was updated to include more information about text files and about necessary steps to register scripting interfaces and using scripts.

February 4 - 14.4.1 Update

  • A fixed bug concerning splitting worksheet view by clicking the splitter lines/bars (placed near the scroll bars). In some systems GS-Calc could stop responding. (Splitting views with the “View” menu commands worked correctly.)