GS-Calc 11.7 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • The “Auto” column/row width/height commands act in a binary way now. (Previously the width/height had to be re-set explicitly.)
  • Double-clicking column/row header edge auto-adjusts the width/height but this no longer activates/sets the permanent “auto” mode.
  • Using the point-and-click parameter selection no longer requires pressing the “Ctrl” key. The edit field remains in place when selecting cells/ranges and scrolling the view. If the editing mode is started by double-clicking or if the point-and-click action is performed, GS-Calc will display three additional buttons along with the edit field:
  • the location of the edited cell,
    • the “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons (that can be used instead of Enter/Esc).
      Changing the active worksheet “suspends” editing and it’s re-started after switching back to that worksheet. The “location” (“Go To”) toolbar field displays now the full cell references along with worksheet/folder paths. You can copy/paste it to select formula parameters in different worksheets.
  • Renaming a worksheet or folder requires entering a unique name.
  • After renaming a worksheet, the references are changed accordingly now.

Bug fixes:

  • The workDay() functions ignored the “minus” sign when specifying past days.
  • Using the “Reload” command resulted in resetting the “Undo” level to the minimum value (of 2).
  • Repeating sequences of the “Insert Worksheet”, “Insert Folder”, “Delete Worksheet” and “Undo” commands in certain specific order could cause crashing.
  • xBase memo files (dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro) larger than 2GB couldn’t be opened correctly.
  • Clipper files with memo files saved as the *.fpt variant could not be opened. At the moment GS-Calc reads and preserves the existing memo format for Clipper files, still using the *.dbt variant for new files.