GS-Base 18.1 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Saving, loading Excel *.xls workbooks and splitting/merging Excel worksheets automatically. You can expect medium-size *.xls workbooks (e.g. 100MB-200MB) to be loaded in GS-Base tens to hundreds of times faster than in Excel.

  • Date, time and date-time fields are automatically converted between text fields in GS-Base and date/time serial numbers in *.xls files.

  • When saving an *.xls file Long Text, Images/Files, Code binary fields are saved to file (one such a zip even if there are split files) and after unzipping all objects, memos are accessible from the corresponding Excel/GS-Base as links.

  • Formatting remains the same in GS-Base files and *.xls files.