GS-Base 17.4 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Custom lists to insert data series in fields. List items can be embedded in cell strings.
  • Manage Series dialog box
  • Fill toolbar button
  • Built-in series with day/month names.
  • Inserting series help page
  • Inserting formula based series.
    This enables you to define any type of data series including those referring to resources in other tables. For this series type you need to define a formula that will be calculated for each record within the selected range. Used formulas are added to the “recently used” list which is stored in the settings file.
  • Formula Based Series dialog box
  • Inserting random series.
    You can use several popular distribution types. Additionally, for the uniform distribution you can choose to create a series of items randomly selected from a given custom list.
  • Insert Random Series dialog box
  • Mass Find & Replace.
    The “Scripts” command on the “Find & Replace” toolbar can be used to perform quick mass text replacing for the whole table using regular expressions.
  • Find and Replace Scripts dialog box
  • The RegEx menu used in GS-Base to insert RegEx sequences easier has been extended to include the Unicode/Non-ASCII sequences as well.
  • RegEx menu menu
  • The amount of memory used by the “Replace All” command to enable the Undo action has been minimized. (Previously the allocated memory was proportional to the whole table, which might make it difficult to use.)

  • Bug fixes