GS-Base 11.1 has been released

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • Problems with loading text files with Unicode headers and without field names: textual representations of numbers couldn’t be converted to numbers automatically in such files.

  • If a *.zip database table contained the UTF-8 header (which was added several days ago), the “Save” commands might cause removing the last 3 characters from the last field of the last record.

  • The “estimated time left” value in the “Open/Save Progress” dialog boxes might be incorrect for very large text files (+nnn MB).

  • If the loading/saving was canceled by the user, the (unnecessary) “file read error” message was displayed.

  • The field statistics/break-down values were displayed in the “Field Setup” dialog box using a fixed general or scientific format (whichever was shorter). Right now, the actual numeric style of the corresponding field is used.

  • When inserting memo field references in the letter form when printing serial letters/reports, the inserted data was shown as rtf codes if the “plain text in memo fields” option was not checked.

  • When changing the field type from “Number” to “Text” or from “Text” to “Number” the data conversion was not performed automatically (the file required reloading or copying/pasting that column).