GS-Base 10 has been released

New or changed functions:

[+] A new “Database Explorer” pane was added. It displays the database structure: tables, field names, types, filtering status and special field functions. Field and table re-arrangements should be now even faster and more convenient. (Tip: right-click it to review the available options/commands and double-click to setup a given field).

[+] A new “Find & Replace” toolbar with much more options to perform full-text searching and replacing. Modified “Search” dialog boxes; improved help file; better optimized flicker-free repainting of record tables, forms and pivot tables; opening files in all supported formats via the drag-and-drop operations.

[+] Regular expressions with back references were added to both filtering functions and full-text searching functions. More information on RegEx along with examples is available in the “Searching records” help topic and in the “Full Text Searches” help topic.

[+] Bug fixes.

As usual, any feedback is welcome.