Getting rid of leading zeros in columns?

After completing my SUMIF problem, here, the next one involves leading zeros. I have a column of numbers and roughly 100 of them have a leading zero that I want to get rid of. I want regular numbers here. How do I format them to remove the leading zero? I tried using cell format and ended up creating a custom style that took away all numbers.

The default number format doesn’t include any leading zeroes so if you imported the data from a text file, it seems that
(1) you cleared the “Convert text to numbers” option and you have text strings in that column
(2) you selected the option to parse formatted numbers and save their styles when importing that text file
(3) those values are represented in that text file as text strings, enclosed in quotation marks.

If the table status bar describe these cells as “Text”, select them and use the “Edit > Convert > Labels To Numbers” command.

Got it, thanks for the info.